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Streaming Had the Largest Share of U.S. TV Viewing in July 2022

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Streaming Had the Largest Share of U.S. TV Viewing in July 2022

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This July, American viewers spent more time watching content on streaming than on cable or broadcast television. According to data from Nielsen, total time spent streaming averaged at 190.9 billion hours per week, making up 34.8% of all TV viewing time. Part of the reason for this rise in viewing on streaming was the massive success of Netflix’s newest season of Stranger Things series, which saw 18 billion viewing minutes for the month of July (and brought Netflix to a record 8% of all streaming viewing). 

Cable and broadcast viewing, on the other hand, came in at around 34.4% and 21.6% of viewing time spent by consumers, respectively. While streaming viewing time has passed broadcast before, this is the first time this channel has beat out cable. Cable viewing has been in decline over the last few years with the rise of cord-cutting (cable usage fell 8.9% YOY in July, while streaming increased 22.6%), and it looks like the changes that viewers are making to their TV watching behavior is now having a measurable impact on the industry at large.

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