MNTN CCO Ryan Reynolds on How He Accidentally Became an Advertising Industry Powerhouse

Jun 22, 2022 1 Min Read

Ryan Reynolds, Chief Creative Officer at MNTN and cofounder of Maximum Effort, shared his non-linear path to the world of advertising during a speaking session at the Cannes Lions festival. Check out the full writeup in Fortune, or read on for a few select quotes from MNTN’s Chief Creative Officer.

“Maximum Effort happened completely by accident,” said Reynolds. “I spent 10 years trying to get the film Deadpool made and it was hell. I kept rolling this rock up the hill every single day and it just didn’t work.” But due to some unorthodox methods (such as leaking test footage), the movie was ultimately green lit and made, and Reynolds began his journey as a marketing genius.

“Me and George Dewey, my cofounder at Maximum Effort, then started marketing with the suit and having fun with it without giving away pieces of the film, and it turned out to be really successful,” Reynolds explained. 

“Suddenly we were having the time of our lives. We then started branching out to other clients and working on projects we really wanted to work on and brands we really wanted to work on.” 

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