MNTN CEO on Netflix Subscriber Losses and the Streaming Industry

Jul 26, 2022 1 Min Read

Mark Douglas, CEO at MNTN, recently spoke to Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller of Bloomberg Radio on the Netflix subscriber losses and other streaming-related topics.

When asked whether the tide has changed for Netflix as they adjust to a new world order full of competition, Douglas points out that the company is still twice as large as any of their competitors, so the slowing of their subscriber numbers is to be expected. But the way they have responded to their recent issues makes it clear that they are seeking a path forward.

“I think [in terms of] Netflix, people are responding a bit more to how quickly they’re responding—announcing the ads business, announcing new ways of doing password sharing that generate revenue for them,” said Douglas on the streaming giant’s recent moves. “And so I think that overshadows that there has still been some subscriber losses in the quarter, and I think you’ll continue to see that. There’s some growth in the stock as people see them acting decisively

To listen to the rest of the discussion, check out the link below.

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