Netflix Has the Kinds of Problems Other Services Wish They Had, Says MNTN CEO

Netflix Has the Kinds of Problems Other Services Wish They Had, Says MNTN CEO

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Mark Douglas, founder and CEO of MNTN, recently joined Caroline Hyde, Romaine Bostick & Taylor Riggs on Bloomberg Markets: Triple Take, to discuss Netflix’s results and the streaming industry at large.

Caroline Hyde started off the conversation by pointing out that Douglas had in the past tried to steer them away from just thinking about subscriber growth, and now Netflix is doing the same, and asked, “But what about this next wheel of growth from a monetary value of advertising, are they going to do it smartly?”

Douglas points out that it’s important to remember that Netflix has the kinds of problems that other streaming services wish they had, “They have all of these users watching television. They haven’t been monetizing ads at all. They have one hundred million people using the service, haven’t been monetizing those. Those are actually huge growth drivers for Netflix now, and they’re doing it very quickly.”

Next, Bostick points out that some users just don’t like watching ads, and in the past have liked that Netflix has been ad-free.

“Well, they’re giving everyone an option,” Douglas explains. “So for half price, you get one of the smallest ad loads out there. They’re saying four to five minutes. So, for I think a pretty significant number of consumers, that’s a really big deal and a really good tradeoff.”

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