All in on Ads: What Streaming Networks Need to Prioritize for Advertisers

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What This Session Is About

The CTV landscape is having its biggest shakeup ever. By early next year, every major streaming service will be offering ads—forever changing how viewers, publishers, and brands think about streaming. Now that every service is joining the gold rush to build a more advertiser-friendly model, questions arise. Who will emerge a winner? What should an ad-supported solution look like? And how do brands navigate legacy platforms pivoting from an “anti-ad” attitude to a pro-ad model? 

Join Mark Douglas, President and CEO of MNTN, as he provides his unique perspective and insights sourced from years building the leading performance TV platform. Mark will discuss what ad-supported streaming services must do to make their offerings enticing to brands, share his thoughts on how brands and services can navigate the new ad-friendly future, and reveal how a performance-focused mindset will lead to success in this new, uncharted territory. 

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