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Connected TV Retargeting For Travel Brands

Connected TV Retargeting For Travel Brands

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Travel is back! With over 60% of Millennials and Gen Zers intending to book a vacation this year, now is the time to advertise to potential customers in a big way. And, thanks to advancements in the Connected TV (CTV) space, you can serve prospecting and retargeting ads directly to your ideal audience on the biggest screen in the house. Whether you’re new to the world of retargeting or are looking for a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Check out these helpful hints on how to ensure your retargeting campaigns take off, and never let another site visitor slip away.

Before you get started, be sure to complete the following.

  1. Identify Your Buying Cycle: Buying cycles aren’t built equally. For example, inexpensive products are likely to have shorter buying cycles, like sunscreen or neck pillows, and longer buying cycles for higher ticket items like hotel accommodation. With this in mind, extend the targeted buying cycle for any purchase that requires a lot of deliberation—vacation rentals, airplane tickets, excursions, etc.
  2. Ensure You Have a Product Feed: You can serve non-skippable, HD retargeting ads on television using MNTN Performance TV, but you can also transform it into an immersive experience via related ads across a user’s other household devices, like mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablet. Our solution dynamically and seamlessly pulls products into your ads automatically, (saving what can be a time-consuming process) and serving them to users who are likely to purchase those products. 
  3. Create Segments Based on Your Customers Journey: Poor retargeting performance can often be attributed to “one size fits all” campaigns, with broad messaging served to all site visitors. Drive more conversions by pairing messaging and offers with customers based on where they are in the buying journey, and/or the categories where they’re exhibiting the most interest.

Consideration Campaigns

The top of the funnel isn’t a bad place to be—expect users to be researching your product or brand, exploring customer reviews and browsing your site. Here’s how to capture their attention.

1. MNTN Summer 2022 Guide

Creative Tips

(A) Show your logo: Ads with prominent logos, CTAs and a URL combined drive a 113% higher average conversion rate. Make sure these key elements are in place for all of your CTV ad creative.

(B) Make your offer: Ensure that your promotional message is clear; whether it’s free shipping or 20% off, don’t let that message get lost.

Conversion Campaigns

It’s time to get aggressive with your offers. Users close to converting are still deciding who to purchase from, so it’s important you give your brand a boost. Pull out all the stops and ensure when they click ‘Buy’, ‘Book’ or ‘Reserve,’ it’s with you.

Having conversion-optimized creative assets on hand is vital to making this shift. Our Creative-as-a-Subscription™ service provides unique quarterly assets built for performance and testing, and are tailor-made to your media plan.

2. QuickFrame by MNTN

Creative Tips

(A) Do the Math: If you’re offering a discount on a specific item, show both the percentage and the dollar amount saved.

(B) Pick Your Features: Great visuals are important, but feature-flourishes can make the difference. Driving home urgency in your messaging via a ‘limited time offer’ or ‘Sale ends in 24 hours’, for example prompts a user to convert before they miss out.

Loyalty Campaigns

It can be difficult to pinpoint the types of users who previously converted, or will re-enter sales cycles. Some users may be loyal and love your brand, while others may have forgotten about you. Diversify your message based on who you’re targeting, and why you’re targeting them.

3. MNTN Performance TV Audiences

Creative Tips

(A) Put it in Action: Utilize lifestyle footage featuring your product in use (better yet, multiple items in use at the same time) Our creator network at QuickFrame by MNTN have all of the resources you need to turn around multiple creative assets in a matter of days.