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    Connected TV

    Global streaming viewing time grew 36% in Q1 of 2021

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    Global streaming viewing time grew 36% in Q1 of 2021

    2 Min Read

    As marketers take stock of the past year’s changes, one thing is clear: streaming has continued to grow in popularity among consumers and advertisers alike. A new report from Conviva looks at the trends in Connected TV in Q1 of 2021, and their data reveals that viewing behavior as a whole has changed –– with consumers watching when convenient rather than following regularly scheduled programming. With time spent streaming up 36% in Q1, it’s no surprise that advertisers are taking notice of the benefits of running their campaigns through Connected TV this year.

    This report also found that big screens are dominating in the world of digital video consumption. In almost every region of the world, Connected TV devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles are capturing the most viewers when it comes to streaming. Big screens alone accounted for 73% of global viewing time, and in North America alone that number reaches 81%. Smart TVs in particular saw an uptick in engagement, with viewing time in Q1 increasing 115% year-over-year. Ultimately, as the world starts to look towards returning to a sense of normalcy, it’s becoming clear that in the world of streaming TV advertising, there may be a new normal emerging.

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    Connected TV Drives Massive Growth in Digital Video Spend
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