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Hot Off the Press

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If you thought September was a busy month, wait until you see what we have up our sleeves for October. Not only does it mark the start of the biggest money-making quarter of the year for many advertisers, we also happen to be launching a few new content initiatives of our own. Keep your eyes peeled in your inbox as you’ll soon see these trickling in, starting from this month. As for our top must-reads?

Learn how leading fitness brand P.volve drove site visit efficiencies with MNTN Performance TV. Next up on the thought leadership front, we explore how to achieve CTV security and avoid those pesky scammers. Then, there’s Facebook’s recent infrastructure meltdown, which had us talking circles about the importance of diversification in advertising. Lastly, watch the replay of our recent webinar with Adweek, where you’ll learn how applying a social media mindset can make or break your TV campaign. Finally, a look at our round up of the most FAQ in CTV advertising right now.

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What #FacebookDown is Teaching Brands About Diversification

Is Facebook’s time finally up?

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CTV & the Social Media Mindset: Bringing Creativity Back to Advertising

Learn how creative TV advertising is easier to produce than ever before.

Does CTV Have a Security Problem?

Scams are on the rise, but protection is easier than you think.

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MNTN + Quora Digest

Answers to the top Connected TV questions found on Quora

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