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How CTV Helps Agencies Solve Their Biggest Challenges

How CTV Helps Agencies Solve Their Biggest Challenges

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A majority of brands are looking to move (or actively moving) at least some of their digital marketing efforts in-house. Because of this drastic shift, agencies around the globe are looking for ways to stand out and drive higher value for their clients. With the performance capabilities of Connected TV, agencies can drive clear results and fight back against these changes. 

Madeline Curto, Director of Agency Channel Sales at MNTN, recently joined Ad Age to discuss how CTV can help agencies solve some of their biggest client challenges. Let’s take a look at some topics they covered during their conversation: 

Today’s Challenges for Agencies 

From evolving technology to fast-changing trends, agencies have been up against a lot in 2023. Plus, with a lot of economic uncertainty, brands have been reigning in their marketing budgets until things calm down (speaking of, are they going to, or…?). 

According to Advertising Week, brands have entirely lost trust in the agencies they’ve worked with — and one way to rebuild it is with a holistic, long-term approach to marketing that focuses on performance. Based on this 2022 marketing survey from Setup, brands seem to agree with the solution. Clients are looking for creative solutions, strategic initiatives, and a focus on performance to reignite their positive relationships with agencies. 

How CTV Can Help

Thankfully, advertising technology has evolved in recent years, and agencies can provide far more value to their clients when they add CTV to their marketing mix. 

While television was previously thought of as an awareness-only channel, leading CTV providers have changed the game and turned the TV screen into a third performance channel for brands, alongside paid search and social media. With MNTN, agencies can bring results directly to their clients through features like precision targeting, real-time reporting, and a leading attribution model

Additionally, the study found that marketers wanted to avoid managing multiple specialized agency relationships and preferred full-service partnerships. By adding CTV as an option for clients, agencies can stand out against competitors who don’t offer modern television advertising. Plus, the user experience for leading CTV platforms is similar to that of paid search and social media, making it easy for digital marketers to get started. 

Like we mentioned above, marketers are looking for their relationships with agencies to be more creative, strategic, and value-focused than before. With the right CTV platform, agencies can make all three of those happen at the same time. 

The Value of a Performance Marketing Mindset 

When you combine an agency’s creative strengths and expertise with the data, tech, and speed available with Performance TV, the value agencies can provide their clients is immense. But it’s essential to find the right CTV provider — one that starts with a performance marketing mindset. 

While some CTV providers only offer base features, like impressions and spend, MNTN’s Performance TV provides an in-depth overview of the campaign. With these insights, agencies can improve client strategies, maximize campaign budgets, and provide unparalleled transparency into the channel. From automated optimization to effective audience targeting, agencies need access to certain features in order to drive results. During the webinar — which you can watch at the link below — Curto dives into specifics on what features to keep in mind when choosing a CTV platform. 

Solving Agency Challenges, One CTV Campaign at a Time 

In an effort to attract new clients and impress their existing ones, agencies can add CTV to their performance marketing mix to stand out from their competitors. By taking advantage of these features on CTV, agencies can develop strategic expertise in the channel — one that their clients might not be able to access with just an in-house team. 

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