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Real World Performance Wins from MNTN’s Top Retail Advertisers

Real World Performance Wins from MNTN’s Top Retail Advertisers

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In the grand scheme of things — and by “things,” we mean “TV advertising” — it’s fairly easy for retailers to generate brand awareness. As consumers, we’re always more than a little ready to buy, so all retail advertisers need to do is get their ads in front of the right TV show, with the right audience, at the right time, and boom! Awareness gets raised, and they’re well on their way to a conversion.

(How much gets raised is a whole other question, but even if it’s with only one person, awareness is awareness is awareness — all roads, however narrow, lead back to a final sale.)

But that was yesterday. Today, you can move beyond TV ad campaigns that only generate awareness and create ones that are tailor-made to drive performance. That all became possible with Connected TV, which helps brands hit their most important performance goals, from increasing return on ad spend, to boosting site visits and conversion rates

If that sounds like a performance marketing channel, you’d be right. Because Connected TV is a performance marketing channel. And we’ve got the case studies to prove it.

MNTN’s Customer Growth Manager Kate Silva recently joined Retail Touchpoints to talk about some of the biggest Performance TV wins from our top retail advertisers. She walked through three case studies that show how retailers can use CTV to hit performance goals. Here are some highlights from their stories.

Increase conversion rates? Do what Tuckernuck did.

Tuckernuck needed a scalable advertising channel that they could rely on to increase conversion rates and set themselves apart from the competition during a particularly crowded advertising period — the peak holiday season. 

They kicked things off by increasing their CTV budget by 32% in Q4, keeping existing evergreen campaigns running throughout the first part of the quarter. This bolstered their audience numbers and drove engagement, setting them up for success as they headed into a more competitive part of the season. 

They also deployed a retargeting campaign, turning to first-party data to reach audiences who were already familiar with and interested in their brand. With MNTN’s easy-to-use segmentation tool, they targeted viewers who had visited their website in the last 30 days and had viewed two or more pages, but hadn’t converted.

With the flexibility of Performance TV, they were able to efficiently adjust audience segments and ad creative whenever needed, without slowing down campaign progress. And with MNTN’s comprehensive in-platform reporting and integration with Google Analytics, Tuckernuck could accurately track campaign performance alongside their other marketing channels.

Their Q4 campaign resulted in a 304% increase in conversion rate from the previous year. They also experienced significant quarter-over-quarter growth, with a 56% increase in ROAS and 26% lower cost per visit from Q3 ‘22 to Q4 ‘22.

Raising ROAS? Adopt Princess Polly’s approach.

Princess Polly was seeing diminishing results from other performance channels during the high-paced holiday season, and needed an advertising solution that could keep up with their plans and maximize their return on ad spend.

MNTN Performance TV offered them an opportunity to accurately reach their various audiences through multiple CTV campaigns, including prospecting, retargeting, and CRM audience matching, to reach the full sales funnel. Prospecting was essential during this period to grow their retargeting pool ahead of the shopping season. They also had access to one of the largest third party audience pools to drive scalable performance and bring scores of new users into the funnel.

Performance TV’s interface made it simple to create, manage and measure multiple campaign types. Princess Polly was able to easily set up and adjust their campaigns, as well as measure real time results. Plus they were able to easily pull their campaign data into Google Analytics to measure the impact of Performance TV alongside their other ad channels during a key season. 

This transparent view into their performance allowed them to track a return on ad spend that exceeded their goal by 305%, making for a very merry holiday season.

Boosting site visits? Look at Noteworthy Paper & Press’ strategy.

Are you ready for some football? Noteworthy Paper & Press sure was with their 2024 Big Game campaign. With MNTN Performance TV, small retailers can get their ads on top streaming channels and reach new customers, even on the most expensive day in advertising — all without the huge price tag. 

To prove MNTN can help small retailers grow into even bigger ones, we decided to put an ad to the test. And what better place to do that than the small business capital of America, Missoula, Montana?  

We teamed up with Noteworthy, a local stationery store, to find out what would generate better performance on a $10,000 budget — a local Big Game spot on Traditional TV, or a targeted buy on Performance TV. 

For the traditional buy, Noteworthy was able to target an audience of 30,000 viewers who live in Missoula. But there are no specific metrics readily available on linear, so we can only estimate that the ad was shown 30,000 times — the same as the audience size.

With Performance TV, they reached over 259,000 households, targeting Missoula, as well as households that recently purchased greeting cards, have interests in arts & crafts, or frequently shop at Etsy, all paired with top markets like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Because of the inherent performance tools of CTV, with their Performance TV buy, Noteworthy knew for a fact that it was seen over 410,000 times with over 404,000 completed views.

Like with the Ads Shown metric, it’s impossible to tell how many site visits their ad drove with the traditional TV buy. But with Performance TV, Noteworthy saw clear results — a 15% lift in website visits.

In short, with the local buy, Noteworthy did not receive any data on how their spot performed, but with Performance TV, they were able to take an audience first strategy that helped them reach the right customers with real time reporting that didn’t leave them in the dark.

Connected TV: it’s like linear TV, just better.

Connected TV has filled the capability gaps in traditional linear TV advertising with tools like precision targeting, accurate measurement, and reliable attribution that can drive all of the performance wins that our top retail advertisers saw above. 

Even better? It can translate into ongoing growth, too.

According to a report from MNTN Research that analyzed Q4 data between 2021 and 2022, advertisers with an always-on Performance TV strategy saw average conversion rates increase by 21% YoY. As an added bonus, they also saw year-over-year impressions increase by 69% too.Connected TV isn’t the future anymore — it’s the now. Are you ready to harness the performance power of the living room screen today and become tomorrow’s CTV success story? Learn more about how to do it by watching the full webinar here.