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Why Connected TV Advertising Are the Tools of the Trade For Performance Marketers in 2020 (And Beyond)

The future is looking so bright for Connected TV that you’ll need shades.

Why Connected TV Advertising Are the Tools of the Trade For Performance Marketers in 2020 (And Beyond)

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You could say that 2020 is the year where Connected TV advertising became mainstream, thanks to a global pandemic shifting consumer behaviour and forcing most of us indoors. A study by McKinsey reported that more advertisers are shifting their budget to digital than ever before, as more than 62% percent of consumers consume digital as a source of news and product discovery.

Currently, 73% of people are sticking with stay-at-home orders, and 36% report to be streaming TV more than usual, which happens to be the most common activity out of them all in 2020.

This can only mean one thing for advertisers: TV and mobile is your best bet at reaching audiences through video. This approach was once fragmented at best – you would usually set up creative and targeting separately for each channel, perhaps using a different agencies for each or a DSP. You would then need to track the performance of each separately, and since different providers have a different way of reporting – well, you know the rest. Thankfully, there is a tool that eliminates all of this headache and provides a seamless and fully integrated ad experience.

MNTN, a leader in Connected TV advertising, has been around for almost a decade and with that, brings a wealth of insights that has shaped its Performance TV solution to what it is today. Here’s how it helps advertisers create effective video ads that not only conforms to user’s behavior, but elevates the ad experience.

  • Effective Targeting: Unlike what you may have originally assumed, targeting on TV is entirely possible, but don’t get it mixed up with the murky waters of Linear TV. MNTN Performance TV partnered up with world leading data-provider Oracle Data Cloud, to make sure your video ad is screened to almost any/all third party audience under the sun. Our platform also enables advertisers to load their own first party audiences and run retargeting display ads.
  • Living Room Quality: You’ve got audiences glued to their screens, but how do you make sure they stay there? First of all, your ad needs a good home that matches your brand values and meets brand safety concerns. We’ve curated an inventory of over 150+ top-tier TV networks like CNN, ESPN, Food Network and CNBC for this very reason, and each network was carefully selected as they are known to drive performance for advertisers. Other video ad platforms like YouTube don’t cut it anymore, as our platform services 15” or 30” non-skippable ads that have an average 95% completion rate.
  • Make Your Ad Experience Fully Immersive: Remember our point earlier about users consuming information and discovering new products through their mobiles and TV? We coin this as the ‘second-screen’, and had recognized this customer behavior pattern way before COVID-19 arrived on the scene. For this very reason, MNTN Performance TV will serve an ad on their Connected TV screens, track any visitors to visit an advertiser’s website after viewing the ad, and then follow up with display ads on mobile or desktop. Our platform makes it easy to upload and customize your creative at scale, all on the single platform – which results in a fully integrated ad experience.
  • Consolidated Reporting and Results: The pièce de résistance! We know digging up the data and trying to decipher them in layman’s terms can be every performance marketers nightmare, which is why our reporting interface has been built to be as user-friendly as possible. Advertisers can customize their reporting dashboard and slice and dice metrics any which way. Most importantly, MNTN Performance TV is fully compatible with Google Analytics, which means you can view the performance of your Connected TV campaigns against the rest of your digital channels, so you’re comparing apples with apples.

Connected TV will be here to stay. To learn more, check out some of the rest of our resources here, or sign up for a product demo using the sign up form below.