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Everything You Need to Know About CTV Audience Targeting (in under 60 minutes)

Everything You Need to Know About CTV Audience Targeting (in under 60 minutes)

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 | 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

One of the major challenges of legacy TV advertising is wasted impressions, and it’s been holding back TV audience targeting for decades. This ongoing issue can make newcomers to TV advertising hesitant to shift their focus (and budgets) to the platform. But new Connected TV tech is changing the way we approach audience targeting, ensuring that every dollar — and impression — counts.

Join MNTN as they discuss everything there is to know about Connected TV audience targeting, from the legacy strategies that still work, to hot new tools that are finally giving marketers unrivaled transparency and complete control to drive unbeatable performance with their campaigns. Television is the greatest ad unit ever invented — and now you don’t have to let inefficient audience targeting prevent you from leveraging it to its full effect.


Tori Cipollone
Senior Platform Experience Manager

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The Rise of CTV In Marketing

With its precise targeting capabilities, high engagement and cost-effective campaigns, connected TV advertising offers a compelling alternative to traditional advertising channels. Combined with advancements in programmatic technology and AI-driven tools, CTV has created new opportunities for marketers to connect with their target audiences and drive campaign results. To remain competitive in the digital advertising space, it's critical to stay up-to-date...

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Let’s be real: TV advertising has notoriously had a transparency problem. But it’s become easier to rise above those limitations with connected TV, which unifies brand marketing and performance marketing tactics together to provide crystal-clear clarity into the outcomes of TV campaigns. This integrated approach is called performance-powered brand marketing, and it ensures something every TV campaign needs: a whole lot...

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