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It Finally Happened: CTV is More Popular than Linear

It’s official: Americans now stream more content than they watch anything on broadcast or cable TV. TV measurement firm Nielsen reports that July 2022 saw streaming platforms—led by Netflix—surpass cable networks to claim the largest share of U.S. TV viewing....

August 25, 2022

“Keep Your Hat On, It’s Going to Be a Wild Ride:” Looking to the Future of CTV

Sometimes it’s almost hard to remember life before Connected TV. The platform hasn’t just transformed TV from “appointment viewing” to “on-demand,” it has radically changed how both advertisers and consumers think about TV ads. The advent of CTV signaled the...

June 16, 2022

TV Is Breaking Out Beyond the Box. Are You Ready?

For as long as TV advertising has existed, it has always been confined to the box itself. While TV sets eventually got bigger, and flatter, the ad was never able to be fully targetable, trackable, or leave the set and...

June 7, 2022

Prepare For CTV: The Next Generation

Connected TV has changed how we think about advertising and TV ads. Once relegated to being unable to target, track, and confined to a box, TV ads have broken free into a futuristic world of targeted creative, multi-device attribution, and...

June 2, 2022

Investing in Innovation: How to Update Your CTV Strategy for Tomorrow

Connected TV has been a game-changer for advertising. Now we live in a world of targeted creative, multi-touch attribution and omnichannel marketing...and what's with the buzz about making CTV data contextually dynamic? The platform continues to evolve—and now it’s poised...

May 25, 2022