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    Connected TV

    Media Executives Expect Streaming to Grow in 2021

    Media Executives Expect Streaming to Grow in 2021

    2 Min Read

    More and more research is finding that the pandemic has changed the way we all consume streaming content, and accelerated the growth of the Connected TV industry at large. And a new study from Applicaster confirms just that – their survey of streaming executive decision-makers in broadcasting, DTC video brands, and multichannel aggregators reveals that top media executives are diversifying their streaming models. This coincides with the fact that the amount of digital content available to consumers and marketers alike continues to grow at a record pace. 

    According to the survey, all of the metrics around streaming consumption rose last year, including time spent, ad revenue, subscription services per household, and subscription revenue. And those surveyed by Applicaster expect that growth to continue – 84% expect streaming through their apps will increase in 2021, and almost half of them are budgeting for more than 50% growth in Q3 alone. As these budgets inevitably turn into new platforms and advertising opportunities, marketers will have to ensure they are up to date on how Connected TV publishers and networks are monetizing their content to better serve the rapidly growing audience of streamers.

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